24. December 2011

Métodos Constructivos con Paneles Sandwich

Rolf Koschade, Huntsman Polyurethanes (ed.), Librería Santa Fe S.R.L., Buenos Aires, 2011, 391 p., hardcover, USD 101.99, ISBN 978-987-26164-0-3

Huntsman Corporation recently published the new book Métodos Constructivos con Paneles Sandwich. The Spanish-language textbook is dedicated to advancing the use of sandwich panel construction in Latin American countries. Originally written and published in Europe in 2000, Huntsman Polyurethanes secured the rights in 2010 to translate the book into Spanish to help promote sandwich panels in Latin America. The book features architectural examples, along with tables, graphs and images of construction panel production, design and installation.

Authored by Rolf Koschade, the book addresses construction applications with factory-engineered sandwich panels. These panels consist of metallic facings with a foamed polyurethane core. The book takes the expertise and know-how of numerous experts, including sandwich panel manufacturers, architects, engineers and institutes, and makes it available to a broader audience.

The book addresses the following subjects within the sandwich panel industry: economic importance, system components of the largest manufacturers, manufacturing processes, materials used, planning and construction, structural properties, building physics and standards, and regulations. The book also features many design examples highlighting the possible applications of sandwich panels, including commercial buildings, wall and roof sheeting, and cold storage construction.

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