16. August 2013

2012 ASC – CATIA – FEICA Adhesives and Sealants Classification Manual

Three of the leading trade associations representing the adhesives and sealants industry have collaborated to harmonise the industry’s classification manual.

The 2012 ASC – CATIA – FEICA Adhesives and Sealants Classification Manual provides a common set of market definitions and product categories that can be used to represent the adhesive and sealant industry worldwide. This is the first time that China, Europe, and North America have harmonised the classification manual.

In 2008, the Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) and Feica had already harmonised their respective manuals. According to the associations, the classification manual will ease the compilation and comparison of market report data and improve the overall understanding and accuracy of this complex and fragmented industry. China’s addition to the harmonised classification manual was important as China’s market continues to grow and is now the leader in terms of overall sales.

The manual can be downloaded for free from Feica's website www.feica.com/images/stories/library/2012classificationmanual.pdf.

URL: https://www.gupta-verlag.com/news/company-brochures/13296/2012-asc-catia-feica-adhesives-and-sealants-classification-manual