24. August 2015

Silicon Compounds: Silanes & Silicones

Barry Arkles, Gerald L. Larson (eds.), Gelest, Inc., Morrisville, PA, USA, third edition, 2013, 610 p., softcover, ISBN 978-0-578-12235-9, order via company website: www.gelest.com

The comprehensive handbook Silicon Compounds: Silanes & Silicones by Gelest introduces over 250 new compounds and nearly 50 new polymers, including silanes for coupling agent applications with new functional and non-functional dipodal structures. It also includes technical data for over 3,000 compounds, accompanied by over 1,000 new corresponding references, and over 100 new application equations or figures. In addition, it offers for the first time a cross-reference system to facilitate the search for related products. The handbook is complemented by a library of reference information and technical papers. The third edition includes also two new articles: “Silicon-Based Anion Relay Chemistry” by Gerald L. Larson and “Cross-Coupling of Silanols and Silanolates” by Scott E. Denmark.

URL: https://www.gupta-verlag.com/news/company-brochures/16766/silicon-compounds-silanes-silicones