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10. March 2017

Bharat Enterprises and NUI establish joint venture in India

At PU TECH India 2017, the Delhi-based Indian trading company Bharat Enterprises and the South African PU systems house National Urethane Industries (NUI), Johannesburg, announced the formation of the new joint venture company NUI-Bharat. The two companies have been working together in the Indian market for almost a decade.

About 40 km away from Delhi, the joint venture will establish a plant for the production of the Poly-NUI-Matic range of PU tyre-fill products. The plant is expected to start production in March 2018 with an initial capacity of 6,000 t/y, which will be ramped up gradually to 18,000 t/y. The JV will serve the whole of Asia and some other countries, the companies said.

Bharat Enterprises was established in 1993 and represents several overseas companies in India as well as Indian companies in overseas markets. With an India-wide distribution network, the company is offering, e.g., adhesives, PU raw materials, rubber and rubber chemicals, silanes, bonding agents, adhesive raw materials, engineering plastics, release agents, additives and modifiers.

National Urethane Industries was formed in 1982 and specialises in the manufacture of CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers) products.



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