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19. March 2017

Global market for bioplastics continues to grow

The market research institute Ceresana has analysed the global market for bioplastics already for the fourth time.

According to the new “Market Study: Bioplastics (4th edition)”, revenues of more than USD 2.6 billion were generated with ‘green’ plastics in 2015. These materials account for considerably higher growth rates than traditional petrochemical standard plastics. The most important sales sector for bioplastics is the packaging industry – from bottles to films up to bags and sacks. Facing the rising demand and the increasingly growing range of applications for bioplastics, analysts expect the trend to become even more significant in the future. While biodegradable plastics account for the smaller part of total demand for bioplastics with 42 %, their demand is characterised by a growth of over 11 % per year, says Ceresana.


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