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07. July 2017

BASF and Haier launch joint Innovation Lab in China

BASF is teaming up with Haier to offer high quality polyurethane-based solutions to customers jointly developed at a new Innovation Lab in Qingdao, China. The lab, housed within the Haier Industrial Park, will further strengthen innovation collaboration between the two companies. It will conduct joint research and development projects as well as oversee tests and quality control of polyurethane-based home appliances, including hot water boilers.

“The new lab brings together the expertise of both partners to improve operational efficiencies through the utilization of shared resources. The collaboration will be instrumental in enhancing various quality parameters of polyurethane products in order to meet the ever-demanding consumer need for energy saving, yet efficient, home appliances,” said Jingchun Wang, Manufacturing Director, Haier Zhongyi plant.

The lab, located near Haier’s training center for engineers, will also serve as a learning facility for both companies. It will provide theoretical and practical training, as well as act as a platform for technicians to share best practices and ideas for future projects.

“Through a holistic training program, BASF and Haier will have the opportunity to learn from each other about our unique technologies. Together, we aim to create solutions that will benefit our customers. BASF will bring to the table its expertise in material innovations and competences, which can help Haier’s designers and technical experts make more informed decisions about material innovations used in polyurethane-based projects,” said Manfred Pawlowski, Vice President, Consumer, Performance Materials Asia Pacific, BASF. “Similarly, Haier can help us better understand market needs by sharing technical knowledge about advanced technologies in home appliances.”

The lab will house several instruments such as a heat conductivity coefficient screening instrument, water quantity controller, viscosity detector, universal tester, foam cutting machine, high accuracy electronic scale, and explosion-proof blender to accommodate all quality aspects of polyurethane products.

In March 2017, BASF was awarded Best Supplier by Haier for the third consecutive year.


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