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05. September 2017

Lanxess with new segment structure after takeover of Chemtura

Following the completion of the acquisition of US chemical company Chemtura at the end of April 2017, Lanxess has subsequently adjusted its group structure. With immediate effect, Lanxess is reporting on five segments comprising a total of twelve business units.

According to the company, flame retardant and lubricant additives are the two main pillars of Chemtura’s business and they now complement the current Lanxess portfolio combined in a new “Additives” business unit. These two business activities are integrated with Lanxess’s “Rhein Chemie” business unit to form a new segment – “Specialty Additives”.

The Organometallics business of Chemtura is integrated in the segment “Advanced Intermediates” and will become part of the “Advanced Industrial Intermediates” business unit. The “Advanced Intermediates” segment covers the intermediates and agrochemicals businesses.

The Urethanes Systems business of Chemtura forms a new business unit within the “Engineering Materials” segment, which now comprises the businesses for plastics and urethanes.

The “Performance Chemicals” segment is made up of the business units responsible for colour pigments, leather chemicals, material protection products, and water treatment technologies. The Arlanxeo segment encompasses the synthetic rubbers business.


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