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06. December 2017

Trinseo increases prices for polystyrene, polycarbonate and copolymers

Trinseo has increased prices for all polystyrene (PS), polycarbonate (PC), ABS and SAN grades in Europe.

Effective 1 December 2017, or as contract terms allow, the contract and spot prices for the products listed will increase as follows:


Price increase

Styron general purpose polystyrene grades (GPPS)

+ EUR 95 per tonne

Styron and Styron A-Tech high impact polystyrene grades (HIPS)

+ EUR 95 per tonne

Calibre polycarbonate resins

+ EUR 200 per tonne

Magnum ABS resins

+ EUR 60 per tonne

Tyril SAN resins

+ EUR 85 per tonne


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