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09. January 2018

PMC receives great response to inaugural training program

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) has announced that it will be extending its Mechanics Training Sessions into 2018. They kicked off December 2017 by offering both distributors and contractors a two- and three-day training, on-site at the company's 100,000 square foot Lakewood, NJ, USA, headquarters.

For the inaugural launch of this program, PMC offered the training for free to all attendees. Along with the training, attendees were treated to breakfast and lunch, course materials and training from the specialist in the plural component spray equipment industry. After completion of the course, participants received a Certificate of Completion.

Every seat was taken, while PMC Machinery Group President Mike Kolibas kicked off the trainings with an overview of PMC and its parent company that spans the globe with over 30 national and international companies. From there, everyone got busy with veteran trainers, Tom Rivera, Tim Newmeyer and Frank Sica. According to PMC, Rivera, Newmeyer and Sica have a combined 100 years’ experience in the plural component spray equipment industry, with extensive knowledge in all aspects of PMC equipment and application, from manufacturing, building of machines, repair, trouble-shooting and training.

The PMC Mechanics Training Program provides a basic orientation to the polyurethane and polyurea chemistry; and the function of the equipment and its components. A detailed exploration of each PMC machine and its components are the main focus of the school. Preventative maintenance and trouble-shooting for machines, guns, hoses and transfer pumps are thoroughly examined. The school emphasizes hands-on training and class participation.

Due to the great response for the inaugural program, PMC has decided to extend the training program and offer it to distributors and contractors during several sessions throughout 2018. The schedule will be announced soon on the PMC website and the PMC Facebook page, said the company.

“We take pride in our partnerships with our Distributors and Contractors. We know how important it is to be present and available for any questions and challenges they face. We wanted to offer a comprehensive training program that everyone could benefit from – the distributors, the contractors, the mechanics and anyone that just needed a refresher course. We feel confident that our training program will ensure increased efficiency, production and safety on the jobs”, said Bill Hrynkiewicz, Vice President Marketing & Sales.


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