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11. July 2018

Goodyear strengthens commitment to sustainable NR

Goodyear has announced a new natural rubber procurement policy, supporting the responsible sourcing of raw materials. The policy is effective immediately and covers the entire supply chain, including smallholders, industrial plantations, intermediate dealers/consolidators, processors, trading companies, and the company itself.

Goodyear expects that the implementation and adherence to this policy will help address deforestation, land grabbing, and human rights in the areas of the world where NR is produced. The policy introduces the following seven principles:

  • Human rights – the company will work to ensure its NR supply chain protects the rights of all involved, fostering a positive working environment at all levels of the supply chain.
  • Responsible land acquisition and use – the company will promote an environmentally and socially responsible NR supply chain, free from deforestation and land grabbing.
  • Traceability – the company will promote practices that lead to the ability to trace NR through the entire supply chain.
  • Natural rubber processing – the company expects its suppliers who process NR for its usage to manufacture their product in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.
  • Natural rubber growing and harvesting process – the company encourages its suppliers to utilise best-known cultivation practices for existing planted and replanted NR trees.
  • Smallholder outreach, engagement and community development – the company will work to increase yields and improve the livelihoods of existing smallholders, encouraging all its direct suppliers and relevant members of their supply chain to support their communities.
  • Policy implementation and compliance – the company is committed to the corruption-free and transparent implementation of this policy and its principles.


“We know our actions can make a difference in protecting the rights of people throughout the supply chain, including the smallholders who grow natural rubber on their own land,” said ­Maureen Thune, VP and chief procurement officer. “Our new policy also helps to protect the environment by promoting environmentally and socially responsible land use.”

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