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(Source: CPI)

10. October 2018

Demilec (USA) named winner of CPI 2018 Polyurethane Innovation Award

The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) has announced Demilec (USA) Inc. as the winner of the 2018 Polyurethane Innovation Award. Demilec’s winning entry, one of three finalists, was announced during the closing session of the 2018 Polyurethanes Technical Conference in Atlanta, GA, USA.

“CPI’s Innovation Award is a top honor in the polyurethanes industry,” said Lee Salamone, senior director of CPI. “Demilec embodies the spirit of innovation and pioneering that will help our industry flourish for years to come. Demilec, together with the rest of this year’s conference attendees, is helping to pave the way for a bright future.”

Demilec’s winning entry is Heatlok HFO, which the company describes as delivering a zero ODP, ultra-low GWP and high renewable/recyclable closed-cell foam for the insulation industry. The company stated that Heatlok HFO High Lift, with its R-7.5/inch, provides breakthrough alternatives for the residential builder and Heatlok HFO Pro, at R-7.4/inch, creates an air barrier, vapor retarder, water barrier and thermal insulation at 1 inch, ideal for commercial buildings.

“Demilec is honored to receive CPI’s innovation award for 2018, and we are excited Heatlok HFO has continued to redefine the standard of excellence in the closed-cell spray foam industry,” said Doug Brady, vice president of strategic marketing. “Thank you to the American Chemistry Council, the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry, the nominating committee and everyone who voted for Demilec.”

This year’s Polyurethane Innovation Award finalists also included ICL-IP America Inc., for its VeriQuel R100, which the company describes as a phosphorus-based, reactive flame retardant that addresses the building and construction market’s demand for chemistries that provide fire safety and eliminate exposures during product use. ICL-IP stated that VeriQuel R100 leaves no footprint and helps alleviate concerns about exposure to people and potential harm to the environment. SWD Urethane was named a finalist for Quik-Shield 108YM, which the company explained is an ultra-low-density open-cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation product, which is said to be the first 0.36 pcf density spray foam and to provide up to 39 % more yield.

The 2018 Polyurethanes Technical Conference also featured 15 technical sessions, 22 posters, 78 papers and 55 exhibitors, as well as the Professional Development Program.


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