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17. October 2018

Icynene-Lapolla expands product line availability in Canada

Icynene-Lapolla, a global supplier of energy-efficient building envelope solutions, announced that it will expand distribution of the company’s Lapolla building materials line in Canada. As part of the effort, a suite of Lapolla’s spray polyurethane foam insulation, roofing and coating solutions will be made readily available to Canadian customers.

“Canada is a key market for us,” said Doug Kramer, president of Icynene-Lapolla. “There is clear demand within both the building industry and consumer population for durable and sustainable building materials. The Lapolla product line will help meet that demand.”

Two Lapolla spray polyurethane foam insulation products are now available in Canada. These include: Foam-Lok 2100 LE, a closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation offering up to 5 inch thickness with minimal wait between 2 inch passes, saving the contractor up to 20 % in labour time and costs; and Foam-Lok 2100, a closed-cell insulation that meets strict criteria for resisting bulk water and offering superior weather resiliency. Both products fall under the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association's (CUFCA) third-party quality assurance programme.

“Foam-Lok 2100 LE is a premier wall insulation system designed specifically for builders and owners desiring the unparalleled energy efficiency of spray foam, as well as reduced time and costs commonly associated with product installation,” added Kramer.

To better enable the distribution of Lapolla’s insulation materials in Canada, Icynene-Lapolla recently completed a multi-million USD improvement to its Mississauga, ON, manufacturing facility. The retrofit effort focused on increasing manufacturing capacity and product output as well as enhancing product distribution speed and efficiencies.

“Our Mississauga facility is now fully primed to handle the demand for these high-performance materials in the Canadian marketplace,” added Kramer. “Our investment in the facility is a demonstration of our commitment to Canada. We look forward to better serving builders, contractors, remodelers and owners in the region with durable energy efficiency-focused building envelope solutions.”

In addition to the two Foam-Lok spray polyurethane foam insulations, Icynene-Lapolla will also manufacture and distribute a suite of Lapolla roofing products in Canada. These include: Foam-Lok 2800-4G, a spray foam roofing available worldwide offering the environmentally-sound Solstice blowing agent; Thermo-Flex, an acrylic roof coating system for application over new and existing roof substrates; and Thermo-Prime, a water-based acrylic roof primer that promotes the adhesion of spray polyurethane foam to a variety of roofing substrates. Additionally, the company will distribute GE Enduris, the silicone-based roof coating restoration system providing long term performance regardless of daily and seasonal temperature shifts.


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