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07. November 2018

Isopa attends panel discussion held by Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland

The European diisocyanate and polyol producers association Isopa announced that its Secretary General, Jörg Palmersheim, has attended a panel discussion held by Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland on sustainable industrial policy in an era of globalisation.

The panel included Klaus Schäfer, CTO Covestro; Herwart Wilms, Managing Director Remondis; Karl-Heinz Florenz, MEP; Fulvia Raffaelli, DG Grow, Clean Technologies and Products; and was moderated by Hendrik Kafsack, F.A.Z. Brussels.

The discussion touched on the circular economy, waste management directive, recycling rates and the heavily discussed plastic strategy by the EU Commission. Many issues were discussed, including the need to keep an open mind with regard to all technologies and not to over-regulate certain technologies such as thermal recovery. It was also emphasised that plastics in general require a case by case approach.

Polyurethanes are polymers which last as product for decades and contribute to energy efficiency and lightweight solutions. According to Isopa, the association believes future industrial policy and initiatives must view the polyurethanes industry in a different light.


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