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08. November 2018

IPUA Technical Center invites to technical training on slabstock PU foam

The IPUA Technical Center is organising the technical training “Slabstock Polyurethane Foam” for the east region in Kolkata, India, from 22 – 23 November 2018.

This two-day technical training aims to educate slabstock industry members about the fundamentals of polyurethane foam, polyurethane chemistry and processing in foam making process, machineries used, health, safety and environmental awareness about polyurethane and trouble-shooting of slabstock foam. The training is organised by the IPUA Technical Center as a part of its initiative in skill development for the polyurethane industry.

Who will benefit

  1. Industry members working in product development, formulations, processing, quality control and production of slabstock foam
  2. Members not having any formal education in polyurethane and desirous to learn the skills of polyurethane slabstock foam manufacturing
  3. Supervisors, managers in production, marketing , technical services for whom the knowledge would help in clear communications with customers, stake holders


  1. Introduction to flexible foams – types, market and applications
  2. Polyurethane chemistry and building blocks
  3. Raw materials and additives used in slabstock foam making
  4. Fundamentals of foaming process and formulations
  5. Machines used in foam making and secondary operations
  6. Testing of foam and foam standards
  7. Safety, health and environment
  8. Trouble shooting of slabstock foam process
  9. Latest trends in slabstock foam

Presenters include experts from system houses, the additives and slabstock industry as well as independent consultants each having more than 15 years of experience.

IPUA Technical Center
Snehalata Agashe
Chief Technical Officer
Tel. +91 78880 41524
E-mail snehalata@ipuatc.com
Internet www.ipuatc.com

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