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Paul Cookson, Global Innovation Leader for SleepStudio at Dow, and Per Henning Vaagen, CEO at Laader Berg (Source: Dow)

02. May 2019

Dow creating ComfortScience Centre of Excellence

Dow Polyurethanes has invested in research and development labs in Horgen. The company has created a ComfortScience Centre of Excellence for bedding solutions which will support and enhance Dow’s SleepStudio, also located in Horgen, where bedding value chain partners meet to collaborate on how science can create sleep materials that deliver the most comfortable experience possible.

The centre of excellence will be equipped with bespoke machinery, including a new foaming line from Laader Berg, CNC foam cutting machine, and pillow production machinery, enabling the creation and testing of materials for bedding comfort before they are sold to consumers. In conjunction with the existing SleepStudio, the upgraded lab facility enables Dow to accelerate product development and innovation, with the capabilities that can help produce validated solutions for their customers under one roof.

Paul Cookson, Global Innovation Leader for SleepStudio, Dow said, “Laader Berg was selected for this machine because of their excellent reputation in the industry for building slabstock machines of quality. The Maxfoam Concept Pro machine is equipped with world class technology, which will enable us to produce a wide range of polyurethane foam under similar conditions to our customers.”

Per Henning Vaagen, CEO at Laader Berg commented, “We are delighted to have been selected by Dow to produce this bespoke machine for their revamped bedding R&D facility. Our machines are used widely across the industry, and it makes sense that Dow is able to test their formulations on the same kind of machinery as their customers.”

The new equipment advances Dow’s research and development and prototyping for mattress and pillow capabilities. The ComfortScience Centre of Excellence will enable the design of liquid formulations, which will be validated on the new machine lines, with final properties tested in the SleepStudio.

“SleepStudio from Dow is a game-changing way to experience how value chain co-operation paired with scientific methodology can engineer absolute comfort. It is a collaborative meeting, education and demonstration space,” adds Cookson. “SleepStudio is dedicated to exploring and developing how Dow practices ComfortScience – a way of working with the industry which creates products that can help consumers sleep better.”

The ComfortScience Centre of Excellence upgrade is expected to be complete by end 2019.


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