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11. July 2019

CHINA: Sichuan Shengda successfully commissions purified terephthalic acid unit in China

Sichuan Shengda has successfully started up a new purified terephthalic acid (PTA) plant in Nanchong, Sichuan Province, China. The PTA facility, which utilizes Invista's proprietary P7 PTA process technology, has a nameplate capacity of 1 million t/y. On-spec production was achieved on 24 May 2019.

The plant also uses Invista's proprietary R2R technology for the production of benzoic acid. Cost of the project was not given. "With this start-up, IPT [Invista Performance Technologies] and our licensees have now successfully commissioned seven PTA projects totaling over 11 million tons per annum capacity since 2015," noted IPT President Mike Pickens.

Source: Weekly “PetroChemical News” (PCN), Durham, NC, USA; 8 July 2019
(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)

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