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18. July 2019

OSV: Distribution network in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe expanded

The Oleshky-based Ukrainian company OSV Technology LLC announced that it has signed two agreements on the distribution of its equipment. In Southeast Asia – including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam – the company will now be represented by Advance Molding Chemicals. Furthermore, in Eastern Europe – including Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia – OSV machinery will be distributed by Smith&Partner company. OSV said it has already made a number of successful sales in Malaysia, Slovakia and Hungary in cooperation with both companies.

OSV is active in three key business areas:

  • Production of machinery for mixing and dosing of a wide range of polymers, including polyurethanes, silicones, epoxy resins and adhesives
  • Sales of polyurethanes, silicones, decorative acrylic resins, release agents, fillers, pigments and various auxiliary materials.
  • Development and application of modern technologies for polymer processing


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