07. October 2019

Dow: Value chain collaboration programme for energy efficient buildings

Dow announced the launch of its V Plus Perform (VPP) Alliance Program. According to the company, bringing together technical and market expertise from across the value chain, the programme supports key stakeholders and specifiers in responding to the industry’s needs for more sustainable and energy efficient buildings, an area where envelope insulation innovation plays a critical role.

From market insights to technical expertise, R&D capabilities and marketing know-how, the VPP Alliance Program supports panel manufacturers in the design, testing and launch of next-generation metal panels using the VPP insulation technology, said Dow.

“Through the V Plus Perform Alliance Program, we’re providing customers a suite of know-how, capabilities and strategic resources,” said Alberto Mercati, EMEAI senior marketing manager for Construction Insulation at Dow Polyurethanes. “We’re enabling the creation of premium branded insulated metal panels that can contribute to environmental, near-zero energy standards in buildings, as well as to the comfort and safety of its occupants.”

“As a global leader in construction insulation, we strive for value growth partnerships with our customers and are constantly working on improvements in technologies and market approaches to achieve that,” said Cyrille Schenck, Europe DBL (Double Band Lamination) sales director at Dow Polyurethanes. “The V Plus Perform Alliance Program is yet another example of our customer-centric approach to ensure we successfully work together on future differentiation.”

According to Dow, V Plus Perform panel insulation technology helps create future-ready buildings by placing sustainability, energy efficiency and people at the heart of design. The company will be showcasing the V Plus Perform technology inside the Build Area at its stand K48, hall 8a, at K 2019.


URL: https://www.gupta-verlag.com/news/industry/23342/dow-value-chain-collaboration-programme-for-energy-efficient-buildings