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24. October 2019

Solvay: Expansion of FKM capacity in Italy

Solvay announced that it will increase production capacity of its Tecnoflon peroxide curable fluoroelastomer (FKM) by approximately 30 % at its plant in Spinetta Marengo, Italy, to serve ongoing strong demand growth for sealing applications in the automotive, oil and gas, and semiconductor industries.

This extra capacity is due to come on stream by May 2021 and follows recent increases at the same site as well as at the company’s FKM plant in Changshu, China. Solvay also produces Tecnoflon FKM in the USA.

“Solvay over the past few years has globalised its leadership position in Tecnoflon FKM fluoroelastomers by expanding our manufacturing footprint in Europe, the USA and China. Our global presence and technological expertise allow us to consistently serve and anticipate the growing demand of our customers for these advanced materials. This most recent investment solidifies our leadership in peroxide curable FKM, enabling advanced applications such as cutting-edge turbocharger designs that reduce fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions, and allow for smaller, lighter engines,” said Augusto Di Donfrancesco, member of Solvay’s Executive Committee.

According to the company, Tecnoflon FKM is used in low emission internal combustion engines (ICE), hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV, EV), in applications such as exhaust gas recirculation, turbocharger hoses, seals and gaskets where it resists high temperatures and chemical fluids. It is also used in the semiconductor industry and in wearable electronics where it helps provide a high purity environment.


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