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23. January 2020

Büfa: Acquisition of AOC (UK) Ltd

As of 3 March 2020, Büfa Composite Systems, a German supplier of tailor-made unsaturated polyester resins and formulations, will acquire Manningtree-based AOC (UK) Ltd, a UK supplier of composite products with over 25 years experience in providing distribution and mixing service. AOC Aliancys will remain, as former owner, the supplier of the resins portfolio. In future, the UK company will trade as Büfa Composites UK.

Aerial view of Büfa Composite Systems in Rastede-Liethe, Germany (Source: Büfa)

Aerial view of Büfa Composite Systems in Rastede-Liethe, Germany (Source: Büfa)

According to Büfa Composite Systems, with the purchase of AOC (UK) Ltd. the company is not only expanding its presence in the UK market, but also consolidating its position as a speciality manufacturer for the composites market in Europe. “This will strengthen more than just our market activities,” said Felix Thalmann, CEO of the Büfa Group. “This is the coming together of two strong and complementary partners.”

Resins from AOC Aliancys, who have supplied Büfa Composite Systems for more than 50 years, are transformed into specialities by the Rastede-based chemical company. The complete package also includes a long-standing sales partnership in numerous European markets. “We are glad to strengthen our trusting, successful cooperation with Büfa, and at the same time create a stronger company in the UK. This will serve our customers even better and create a bright future for our UK employees,” said Joe Salley, Global CEO AOC Aliancys.

“After 3 March 2020, the AOC Aliancys portfolio will be offered through Büfa Composites UK. In combination with the Büfa specialities product range and already existing products, capabilities and team of Büfa Composites UK, this will create a high quality, full fledge solution provider for all composites customers in the UK,” added Lothar Kempf, Managing Director of Büfa Composite Systems.


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