14. February 2020

Michelin: Awards for puncture-proof tyre Uptis

Uptis, the puncture-proof tyre, has received three prestigious awards in a row: The Golden Steering Wheel Award 2019 in Germany, the Coyote Automobile Award 2020 in France, and the AVT Aces Award 2020 in the USA, Michelin said that these prizes are among the most prestigious in the automotive industry today. The French tyre company said that these awards are the recognition of nearly ten years of research. The Uptis prototype has already been the subject of more than 50 patents related to the design of its structure and its materials.

The Uptis has been introduced by Michelin in June 2019 (Source: Michelin)

The Uptis has been introduced by Michelin in June 2019 (Source: Michelin)

Unveiled by Michelin in cooperation with GM in June 2019 at the "Movin' On 2019" summit dedicated to sustainable mobility, the Uptis (“Unique Punctureproof Tire System”) is said to represent a major innovation both in terms of safety and respect for the environment. Michelin said that this prototype, with its innovative and revolutionary technology that eliminates any risk of punctures, offers considerable advantages helping car drivers feel more at ease; fleet owners and professional vehicle drivers optimize their business productivity; and everyone to considerably reduce the use of raw materials, which in turn reduces waste and promotes sustainable mobility. The company said that approximately 200 million tyres worldwide are scrapped prematurely every year as a result of punctures, damage from road hazards or improper air pressure that causes uneven wear. The Uptis is expected to be introduced on passenger models as early as 2024.


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