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19. March 2020

In turbulent times…

… it is particularly important to keep up communication. Reliable information provides security. We have adapted our modus operandi to the current situation, but are still there for you as usual.

All our magazines, both printed and online, as well as our newsletters will be released as planned. Current information is available as always at www.gupta-verlag.de and www.re3.today, and you can find us on Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition you can reach us also at info@gupta-verlag.de.

Especially now, when almost all trade fairs, conferences, workshops and professional training courses have been cancelled, our specialist media offer you the opportunity to inform yourself or reach a broad audience with innovations and news from your companies– regardless of time and place. 

With every change – as painful as it may be – there are also new opportunities that we should embrace with courage and confidence. 

Perhaps you can use the time to decelerate, to develop new ideas from the lessons learned? Perhaps you now have time not only to skim over the exciting article, but to read it in peace and quiet? Maybe there will be an opportunity to write the long planned technical article?

A Chinese proverb says: "When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills."

So let us build windmills together!

We are here for you and wish you all the best in these turbulent times!

But above all... stay healthy!

Indira Gupta and the team of Dr. Gupta Verlags GmbH


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