19. June 2020

CROATIA: INA starts trial production at new USD 81 million propane propylene splitter

Croatian oil and gas company INA has put into trial operation a new propane propylene splitter facility worth HRK 500 million (USD 81 million / EUR 72 million) that aims to boost its competitiveness by expanding product portfolio, it said.

The new facility, which is located at INA's Rijeka oil refinery, will produce a high-purity propylene used as a semi-finished product in the petrochemical industry, the company said in a statement on Saturday (30 May 2020). "In June we expect the first commercial quantities of propylene, which will create new value for the whole company," the head of INA's management board, Sandor Fasimon, said in the statement.

The splitter's capacity is 84,000 t/y of propylene. The products will be stored in four underground tanks, connected to the upgraded logistics grid for further road, rail and water shipment to the markets of Central Europe and the Mediterranean. Works on the new facility started at the beginning of 2019, during the time of one of the biggest overhauls at the Rijeka oil refinery worth an overall HRK 800 million, it added.

"One of the goals of the program is to make a modern and competitive European refinery in Rijeka. We are going to achieve this by constructing a facility for heavy residues treatment, preparatory works for its construction are already in progress, as well as by several other projects," Fasimon said.

Source: SeeNews, Zagreb; 1 June 2020
(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)

URL: https://www.gupta-verlag.com/news/industry/24212/croatia-ina-starts-trial-production-at-new-usd-81-million-propane-propylene-splitter