01. April 2021

Concentrol: Increasing the footprint in China

Through a constantly evolving strategic plan, Concentrol deploys its international vocation by delivering its solutions throughout the world. One of the countries in which the company maintains a multitude of commercial relations and an extensive network of collaborations is China, where it has been present since 2018 with the Concentrol Wuxi New Material technology center. China is a strategic area for the Spanish company, since it is one of the world powers of the automobile, footwear and coatings and paints. Along these lines, Concentrol has joined the China Polyurethane Industry Association (CPUIA) and has received a certificate from the association.

Concentrol said that China is a world reference in the PU industry, being an economic power in sectors such as automobiles, footwear and coatings and paints. With the CPUIA membership, Concentrol is increasingly entering the Chinese market and expanding the network of contacts and collaborations. The China Polyurethane Industry Association (CPUIA) is one of the world’s leading organisations in the polyurethane industry and is one of the organisers of PU China (28-30 July 2021, Shanghai).

About Concentrol:
The polyurethane sector is one of the key areas of Concentrol. The Performance Materials division of the Spanish company develops solutions for the automotive industry, manufacturers of footwear, furniture or mattresses, such as the production of PU systems, panels and blocks for thermal and acoustic insulation. The portfolio for the PU industry includes release agents for PU foams, silicone stabilisers and surfactants for PU foams, mould cleaners and other auxiliary products.


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