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22. October 2005

Gusmer and Decker united

Graco Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, has announced it is combining its reaction injection molding (RIM) business at Gusmer in Lakewood, New Jersey with the RIM business at Liquid Control Corporation’s Decker Industries, Inc. of Palm City, Florida. The new organisation is named Gusmer I Decker and will be led by Denis Commette, Vice President & General Manager, Gusmer Corporation. “Combining the resources of these two well-respected RIM design and manufacturing business units will allow us to significantly expand our product offerings, as well as enhance technical/customer support around the world,” says Commette. “It will make Gusmer I Decker an industry leader.” Gusmer I Decker is headquartered in the Lakewood, New Jersey facility and continues to conduct business from both the Lakewood, NJ and Palm City, FL locations. Both Gusmer and Liq uid Control were acquired by Graco Inc. earlier this year.

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