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25. October 2005

Price increases

Huntsman Polyurethanes, a business unit of Huntsman Corporation, The Woodlands, Texas, USA, has increased its prices in all market segments for polyols and polyol blends by 0,06 USD/lb (0,5 EUR/0,45 kg) on 1 Oct 2005 or as contracts allow. Huntsman said that this increase is caused by the high raw material costs particularly the costs of propylene oxid, ehylene oxid and many of the initiators. The European polyurethane business unit of the Dow Chemical Company, Horgen, Switzerland, has at the same time raised its prices in for TDI by 200 EUR/t and for its polyols by 150 EUR/t. Similar actions have been implemented in the Middle East, in Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. Dow says that the price increases are taken to restore its margins which are, especially in the TDI buiness at a historical low. The Albemarle Corporation, Richmond, Virgina, USA, has increased in Western Europe the minimum prices of potassium hydroxide 50-percent (alkalinity) solution and potassium hydroxide flakes, or as contracts and sales agreements allow. The company also has increased the minimum price of potassium hydroxide 50- percent solution to 300 EUR/t and the minimum price of potassium hydroxide flakes 90 percent (90-percent alkalinity) to 800 EUR/ t. All these price increases were announced effective October 1, 2005.

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