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30. November 2005

UK manufacturers form new trade body

General rubber and PU goods manufacturers within the British Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (BRMA) are to split away from the London-based organisation to form a new group called the British Rubber and Polyurethane Products Association (BRPPA). The BRMA will then focus on tyre manufacturers operating in the UK, under a new name – the British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association.
The BRPPA, to be launched on 1 Jan 2006, will represent rubber and PU processors serving a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, automotive, construction, aerospace and defence, sports and leisure. Over 70% of GRG manufacturers within the BRMA had backed the formation of a separate body, according to a BRMA statement. Companies in this sector are typically small and medium sized enterprises rather than multinational tyre conglomerates.
BRPPA aims to promote the rubber and PU components industry, lobbying government and other regulators and provide member services covering issues such as employment, health & safety, energy and the environment. The group see a particular role in helping its members manage issues related to the forthcoming REACH (registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals) legislation.
BRPPA has an important role to play in the promotion and support of a developing industry sector, said Richard Gogerty, CEO of Icon Polymer Group, a founding member of the new association, adding: “My colleagues and I will support BRPPA in raising the profile of our industry, and I know we will find its expertise relating to this industry’s health and safety issues of invaluable assistance.”

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