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13. February 2006

SRI LANKA: Rubber technology has boosted thriving market

Source: "Daily News", Colombo; 13 Feb 2006

Rubber Technology has become one of the professional
fields in which Sri Lanka is self-sufficient and now
it has an international reputation for its solid tyres
with a thriving market for RSS sheet rubber and
centrifuged latex from processing factories in Sri

Chairman Jinasena Group of Companies Nihal Jinasena at
the annual award ceremony of the Plastic and Rubber
Institute (PRI), recently commended contribution made
by (PRI) over the past 40 years bringing the tyre
industry one of the key success stories of Sri Lankan
export industry.

He said that the percentage conversion of natural
rubber to value added finished products was almost
negligible a few years ago.

But in the recent past it has blossomed out to be more
than 60 percent of the rubber grown in the country and
over 60 percent of these products are exported.

Dr. Jinasena stated that the ability of getting
natural rubber at a lower market price than world
market prices for manufacturers had been the main
reason for this success and emphasised necessity to
increase productivity drastically to face the
international competitiveness.

(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)

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