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26. October 2006

VIETNAM: Rubber exports double in revenues

Source: Vietnam News Agency, Hanoi; 26 Oct 2006

The Viet Nam Rubber Corporation has so far this year
earned over 334 million USD from exports of 170,000
tonnes of rubber latex, representing an increase of
194 million USD year on year.

China remains Viet Nam's traditional market with a
consumption of half of its exports, while demands for
rubber imports from other markets such as the US,
France, Germany, Japan and the Republic of Korea are
also increasing, said the corporation, the national
leader in this industry.

A steep decrease in rubber supply from Thailand,
Indonesia and Malaysia has done much in escalating
prices of raw rubber to over 2,100 USD per tonne.

The corporation said it has invested millions of US
dollars in upgrading its production chains and
technology in rubber latex processing and applying
international standard measures in examining the
rubber latex production to improve its products'

(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)

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