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14. November 2006

Trexel and ExxonMobil install extrusion line in Japan

Trexel and ExxonMobil Chemical have completed installation of a MuCell TPV extrusion line for weatherseals at the Technology Center for Santoprene TPV’s in Chidori, Japan. This installation represents the first time the MuCell Process has been implemented on a Berstorff extrusion line. Trexel points out, that most leading Japanese and Korean automotive companies have announced strong mandates to convert from traditional non-recyclable EPDM rubber based weather seals, to TPV weather seals which are recyclable and offer additional colouring options. Berstorff machines have been installed by many weatherseal producers in Europe and worldwide. They have also been used to promote water foaming solutions. The ready availability of upgrade opportunities for the installed base of Berstorff machines may both facilitate and accelerate the transition to the MuCell Process by weatherseal producers around the world. The installation of the MuCell line coincides with the introduction of the first new Santoprene TPV material specifically designed for the MuCell process.

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