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18. April 2007

Strategic alliance formed between SpecialChem and PU2PU.com

The online information services SpecialChem and PU2PU.com have announced their cooperation to better serve the global polyurethane industry. This partnership between the two Paris based companies is said to definitely strengthen PU2PU.com services and enhance the ability of SpecialChem to efficiently serve polyurethane markets and communities. “SpecialChem is proud to partner with PU2PU.com. We will offer our services with efficiency on plastics, adhesives, paints and coatings markets and reinforce our offer to the very specific and targeted community of polyurethanes, especially for cast elastomers and foam applications, that PU2PU.com has built over time”, said Dr. Hervé Heinrich, SpecialChem Business Leader Polyurethanes. PU2PU.com allows access to specific technical information developed by SpecialChem on innovations in PU. This set of information adds new areas of expertise to PU2PU.com and should help formulators and processors solve even more rapidly their technical problems. “On our role of gathering all the information for and on the polyurethane industry, PU2PU.com sees great synergies in collaborating with SpecialChem”, said François-Xavier Reverdy, founder and CEO of PU2PU.com. Among the new sections jointly developed with SpecialChem on PU2PU.com are:

  • a Flame Retardant TechCenter for polyurethane foams specifically developed to bring solutions to polyurethane professionals in developing formulation compliant with regulations in their specific industries.
  • an Aliphatic Polyisocyanates TechCenter which gives a broad overview of the benefits of using this technology and help to formulate waterborne and high-solid coatings and adhesives compliant with environmental regulations.
SpecialChem expanded its coverage of the adhesives and sealants industry in August 2006 with the launch of its new platform Omnexus4Adhesives, dedicated to serving the needs of end-users of formulated adhesives.

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