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23. April 2007

JEC Composites Show 2007 succeeds

At its close, the JEC Composites Show had recorded 27,336 visitors from all over the world, an increase of 7.2% over last year. Exhibit-wise, the show increased its surface area with a third hall (+12%) and registered a number of more than 1,000 participating companies. Such success only reinforces the show’s position as the leading composites trade fair in Europe, JEC resumes. It is also leading internationally (visitors: international 65%, French 35% / exhibitors: international 70%, French 30%).

The exhibit component –for which the surface area had to be increased to 40,000 square metres– was jam packed. The JEC Composites Show provides a platform that exhibits all composites, including thermosetting materials and thermoplastics, all types of resins and fibres, high technology and high-volume markets, and where users can find the entire range of composite solutions.

The JEC Group represents the composites industry worldwide and is founder of the exhibition.

In 2008, the JEC Group will be developing its innovation theme “Meeting the world’s innovation” all year long, with two highlights: the JEC Composite Show Paris on 1-3 April 2008, and the JEC Composite Show Singapore on 22-24 October 2008.

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