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01. August 2007

Sonderhoff opens sales office in India

Having concluded almost 50 years of providing tailor-made sealing solutions Sonderhoff, member of the Westhoff-Group, based in Cologne, Germany, has established a state-of-the-art process with the development of the FIPFG-technology.

After having started with the application of sealing enclosures, it is nowadays a wide-spread technology for high-quality applications in the lighting industry, the sheet metal packaging and the automotive suppliersindustry. The expansion from Germany into the European Community countries was a first step of growing business beyond the German borders. Consequently the Westhoff-Group set up operations in the EU. In 2004 an affiliate in the United States was founded and also a representation in China. And now Sonderhoff is going to add another landmark to the group’s worldmap:India. FIPFG for the fasted growing industries The new representation is a contribution to the fast growing number of customers in India, whose economy is growing at a sound rate of 9.2% p.a. (growth of GDP in 2006/2007). GDP is divided into agriculture (incl. fishery 18.5% of GDP), industry, (including mining, manufactured goods and energy, 26.4% of GDP) and services, (including trade, transport, communications and others 55.1% of GDP). In terms of growth rates the share of agriculture is declining (2.7% p.a.) against industry (10.0% p.a.) and services (11.2% p.a.). Most of the Indian industries are concentrated around bigger cities, e.g. Ahmadabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kanpur, Delhi and Kolkata. But there are also areas such as the states of Punjab in the North and Jharkhand in the Northeast of India that have agglomerated major industry areas. Particularly the metal working industry is located in the Northern states andcities. Among the main driving factors of the Indian economy are the electrical/electronics and automotive industries which are at the same time those key industries which especially could profit from Sonderhoff's FIFPGtechnology. Sonderhoff’s representative will now operate from a location near Bangalore, state of Tamil Nadu. This location was choosen because the region around Bangalore is the centre of high technology industries often referred to as “silicone valley of India”. Customers can now profit from direct local contact and servicesupply.

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