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02. August 2007

Teijin Twaron jet-spinning pilot production plant opens in Arnhem

At Teijin Twaron’s new pilot production plant for jet-spinning, a new generation of Twaron pulp is being manufactured in a completely new way, tightening operating procedure.

Work has been carried out on this project since 2001, with a Delfzijl production plant due to be operational by 2011. There are still no fixed plans for large-scale production, though this is still being considered, the company disclosed. The pilot production plant has been set up not only to drive market developments, but primarily to perfect the process technologically. If this turns out to be successful, Teijin Twaron will build a bigger plant in Delfzijl.

The new ‘jet-spun’ pulp is a reinforcing high temperature binding agent which holds together various components and focuses new markets e.g. technical paper with very high chemical and heat stability. Now this new pulp type is being supplied to a limited number of customers, while try-outs have been carried out at a large number of other companies.

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