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02. August 2007

Vinyl 2010 doubles PVC recycling for second year

Vinyl 2010, the organisation coordinating the European PVC industry’s commitment to sustainable development, recycled 83,000 tonnes of PVC through its projects in 2006, more than doubling its recycling figures for the second year running.

Launching the Vinyl 2010 Progress Report, Vinyl 2010 shows that not only is it making progress towards the targets set out in the Voluntary Commitment it signed in 2000, but that its particular approach to self-regulation is working.

In addition to the massive increase in PVC waste recycled across the sectors, from pipes and window profiles to coated fabrics, 2006 saw an additional step in the replacement of lead-based stabilisers with the complete phase-out of these in drinking water pipes in most of the EU-15 countries.

Vinyl 2010’s projects continue to develop. Many have been integrated into Recovinyl, a scheme which provides financial incentives for recycling PVC waste collected by waste management companies in the construction and demolition sector.

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