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03. July 2007

Tire recall spurs Sen. Schumer to call for ‘import czar’

WASHINGTON D.C. (July 3) The U.S. needs an "import czar" to oversee the safety and quality of products imported to the nation from China and other countries, according to Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.).

"Neither the Chinese or the American government is doing their job," Sen. Schumer said in a story in the Washington Post. "The Chinese system of regulations is where we were in 1890." The import czar should be based within the U.S. Department of Commerce and have the mandate to both oversee inspections of imported products and issue reports on the results of those inspections, Sen. Schumersaid.

Sen. Schumer’s Web site did not reveal what actions he planned to take toward the creation of an import czar, and his staff could not immediately be reached forcomment.

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