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17. August 2007

Illinois takes action against tire recycler´s stockpile

PETERSBURG, Illinois - The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) has turned over to the Illinois Attorney General´s office the case of a Petersburg tire recycler who allegedly is illegally and improperly storing scrap tires on his property.

The Attorney General will take action to stop Lonnie Wayne Sinclair of Lon´s Tire Recyclers from accumulating tires and storing tires and to oversee the removal of thousands of tires from his current business site, the IEPA said. A recent inspection showed many of the tires at Lon´s Tire Recyclers, which is located near a school, a nursing home and several houses -- contained water and larvae from disease-carrying mosquitoes, according to an IEPA press release. The agency treated those tires with a larvicide designed specifically for tires, it said. To date the IEPA has not traced any cases of West Nile Virus, dengue fever or other mosquito-related disease to Lon´s Tire Recyclers, an IEPA spokeswoman said.

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