08. October 2009

Merquinsa enters into strategic collaboration with DuPont

Merquinsa has announced the launch of a new family of Pearlthane ECO TPU grades made with Cerenol, DuPont’s renewably-sourced polyol.

Both companies have agreed on a strategic collaboration. The new products complement Merquinsa’s existing Pearlthane ECO polyester and polyether ranges based on renewable sources designed for a wide range of footwear, sport & leisure, electronics and auto­motive applications among others. The announcement was made at the NPE in Chicago in June.

The Spanish TPU specialist furthermore announced that its Pearlthane ECO TPU was chosen by Smith Optics for its new Evolve collection of snow goggles. The decision was made because of the environmental bene­fits and the performance features, such as flexibility at low temperatures, robustness and ease of processing of Merquinsa’s materials.

Pearlthane ECO is also the material of choice for Brooks Sports, Inc. The company has decided to collaborate with Merquinsa for its latest advancement in more sustainable running footwear.

URL: https://www.gupta-verlag.com/news/industry/6843/merquinsa-enters-into-strategic-collaboration-with-dupont