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15. October 2009

Italian exports of plastics and rubber machinery

According to statistics of the Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery and Moulds Manufacturers’ Association Assocomaplast, in the first semester of 2009, the Italian exports of plastics and rubber machinery decreased by 32 % in value with respect to the same period of last year. However, German manufacturers, the main competitors of the sectoral made in Italy, recorded an even worse drop of -37 %.

On the other hand, the "stability" of some of the main destination countries of Italian exports has to be underlined: comparing the first six months of 2009 to the same ones of 2008, a 28% increase was recorded towards Benelux (9th market in the ranking), a limited -6.1% of sales to Turkey (7th country), -9.3% towards Mexico (tenth) and, finally, a below-the-average decrease to the first destination market - Germany - that showed -25%. An encouraging data, according to the Italian manufacturers Association, are the growing exports reported in the April/June 2009 period with respect to the previous quarter (+4%) and the positive trend of the monthly export in June with respect to January: +6%. The association believes this does not allow to talk about absolute recovery but to confirm a turnaround that seems to be consolidated.

Top 10 destination markets of Italian exports of plastics and rubber machinery
January–June2009 (in million EUR) Share on total (%)
Germany 109.78 12.5%
France 55.93 6.4%
Spain 47.53 5.4%
Russia 46.67 5.3%
China 43.48 4.9%
United States 41.14 4.7%
Turkey 36.47 4.1%
Poland 35.66 4.1%
Benelux 29.89 3.4%
Mexico 27.75 3.2%
Total top 10 474.29 53.9%
Other countries 405.36 46.1%
World total 879.65 100.0%

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