04. July 2017

Factsheet on EoL PU foam from mattresses and furniture

Europur’s Circular Economy Working Group has prepared a factsheet providing for an overview of possible solutions for the end-of-life (EoL) treatment of flexible polyurethane foam from mattresses and furniture.

The factsheet provides key numbers on markets, lists issues that need to be considered when discussing EoL PU foam, and highlights which end-of-life treatment technologies seems promising for the future. But it also insists on the fact that, like for all plastics, there will in the foreseeable future always be a significant fraction of end-of-life foam that will need to be incinerated, just because it is too contaminated or too damaged to be used otherwise, or simply because markets for EoL foam are limited by definition. The factsheet can be downloaded from www.europur.org/publications/item/44-facsheet-eol-foam-from-matresses-and-furniture.


URL: https://www.gupta-verlag.com/news/literature/20102/factsheet-on-eol-pufoam-from-mattresses-and-furniture