17. December 2018

Plastics strategic research and innovation agenda in a circular economy

In response to the European Plastics Strategy, the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry SusChem and its partners – the European Chemical Industry Council Cefic, PlasticsEurope, the European Plastics Converters (EuPC) and the European Composites, Plastics and Polymer Processing Platform (ECP4) – have issued the new report Plastics Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda in a Circular Economy.

(Source: SusChem)

(Source: SusChem)

The report identifies the challenges to plastics circularity and defines the types of solutions needed to address them. According to the report, future research is required in three main areas: circularity by design, recycling and alternative feedstock.

SusChem Chairman Dr. Markus Steilemann said: “The Plastics industry is committed to increase the resource efficiency of its production processes and to face the challenge of closing the circularity loop. The new research and innovation agenda gives fresh impetus on the strongest way to drive progress along plastics value chains by means of collaboration.”

The analysis from this report has helped to identify priorities, projects and the level of investment needed to achieve full circularity of plastics. The partners announced that they will use this report as their main input to EU innovation policy on the circularity of plastics, and they hope this document will inspire an increase in number of collaborative projects as well as European and member states support for a full implementation of the solutions proposed.

The report can be downloaded free of charge under the following link: http://suschem.org/files/library/Plastics_Strategic_Research_Innovation_Agenda_FINAL.pdf


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