02. March 2006

API releases critique of ISO TS 13571

The Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry (API) has released a document which provides a critique of ISO Technical Specification (TS) 13571- Life Threatening Components of Fire- Guidelines for the Estimation of Time Available for Escape Using Fire Data. This critique, prepared by Dr. Marcelo Hirschler of GBH International, reviews various aspects of the technical specification, including how to assess the time available for escape from a fire and the time required for escape. Currently, ISO TS 13571 is used as a way to develop limits on the use of plastic materials, which contain elements other than carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, based on their generation of irritants. The critique discusses the details of ISO TS 13571, the scientific basis of its concepts, its practical implications and flaws found in the rationale used to develop 13571.
API hopes that wider distributions of this document will help the polyurethane and other plastics industries come to one voice on this issue and that this document will be used as a reference when making decisions and comments on ISO TS 13571.
Copies of this paper can be obtained by contacting Stephanie Bernard: stephanie_bernard@plastics.org

URL: https://www.gupta-verlag.com/news/literature/2935/api-releases-critique-of-iso-ts-13571