16. March 2008

Insulation in China

A new report published by the Freedonia Group, Cleveland, USA, analyses the market for insulation materials in China. According to the study the demand will increase an impressive 9 % annually through 2011 to USD 3.8 billion (= 28.4 billion Yuan).

Freedonia’s analysts say that gains will be fueled by strong building construction activity and increasing production of products that incorporate insulation materials, such as refrigerators and freezers. Moreover, continued initiatives to improve energy efficiency in manufacturing processes and in climate control of buildings will also boost market gains. Foamed plastic, which generally offers higher R-values per meter than other insulation materials is expected to remain the largest segment and post the fastest growth through 2011. Growth opportunities for foamed plastic will exist in construction, industrial and OEM applications. Demand gains for fibreglass in value terms will also outpace projected increases for insulation overall, reflecting in part favourable growth in non-residential building construction and industrial applications. Consumption increases for mineral wool and other insulation products will lag demand growth for insulation as a whole through 2011.

The study contains 185 pages. Price is USD5,100.

URL: https://www.gupta-verlag.com/news/literature/4798/insulation-in-china