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16. May 2019

Frimo: new management team

Dr. Christof Boensch has taken over the top management position at Frimo Group, a leading supplier of plastics processing production systems, in January 2019. In October 2018, Michael Stotz stepped into the role of CFO.

Dr. Christof Boensch (Source: Frimo)

Dr. Christof Boensch (Source: Frimo)

Dr. Christof Boensch and Michael Stotz, the two newest members of the Frimo management team, are both experienced top managers who have successfully implemented structural changes in their previous positions. As an internationally experienced CEO, Christof Boensch has worked in various industries, including machine building, automotive, and electrical components. Michael Stotz most recently held the position of Senior Vice President Controlling at a top manufacturing company for woodworking machines.

“Our goal is to harness the full power of Frimo. Only then can we unlock our full growth potential and sustainably strengthen our position in the market through process and structure optimization on a global level,” Christof Boensch explains. An efficiency plan, which – following the Frimo slogan “High Tech and High Passion” – requires technology and passion.

The collective goal of the Frimo management duo, through the strategic restructuring process, is to consistently meet the increasing market demands for fast and flexible solutions. “We don’t want to simply be the technological leader; we also want to be able to offer economically attractive tooling, equipment, and production lines, with which our customers can run production driven by the market. We will be shaping our technology and service portfolio accordingly,” Dr. Boensch continues.


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