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03. September 2005

Leppkes leaves Elastogran

Dr. Reinhard Leppkes, Member of the Board of Elastogran GmbH and Group Vice President Regional Business Unit (RBU) Polyurethanes Europe will leave Elastogran GmbH, Lemförde, Germany, and join BASF as of 1st October 2005. He will take over as Group Vice President of the Global Business Unit Chemicals for Coatings, Plastics and Specialities located in Ludwigshafen. His successor as Managing Director of Elastogran and Group Vice President of the RBU will be Dr. Uwe Hartwig, who is currently responsible for global marketing co-ordination of BASF Polyurethanes in Brussels. Dr. Hartwig is already familiar with both Elastogran and the field of polyurethanes, due to his earlier functions as Head of Elastogran in Schwarzheide, Head of Development Soft Foam and European Head of Marketing/Sales Automobile Polyurethanes.

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