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19. April 2017

Huntsman presents TPUs for seam-free garments at SIUF 2017

For the first time, Huntsman is exhibiting at one of Asia’s most influential trade fairs for the underwear industry. Experts from the company’s thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) team will exhibit at SIUF 2017 (hall 2,stand E18) from 19 to 21 April 2017 in Shenzhen, China, where they will promote a range of products that can be used to create soft, elastic, seam-free garments.

SIUF is a three-day event attended by international designers, manufacturers and retailers, looking for insights into the latest trends and techniques used in lingerie, loungewear and swimwear production. At SIUF 2017, Huntsman will showcase three TPU grades that can enhance the processing, performance and appearance of hot-melt adhesive films – the textile-bonding technology behind smooth, seamless shapewear and underwear.

Irogran A 60E 4902 TPU is a polyester-based material that can be used to laminate and join fabrics, and create garments that are elastic, soft and seam-free. Popular in the production of seamless running and cycling tops, the TPU can be extruded to produce hot-melt adhesive films that offer good adhesion, elasticity and wear performance alongside enhanced hydrolysis resistance and UV stability. Easy to process – even at low temperatures – the TPU is said to be the ideal choice for garment manufacturers looking to capitalise on the fashion for seam-free clothing, and move away from traditional material joining techniques such as sewing and stitching.

At SIUF, Huntsman will also promote:

  • Irogran PS 455-203 TPU: Commonly used to create outdoor jackets, which need to be flexible, seamlessly waterproof and resistant to washing
  • Irogran PS 455-218 TPU: Used to produce seamless sports clothes that are flexible, soft to touch, lightweight, durable and resistant to high temperatures.

David Fu, Commercial Manager at Huntsman TPU APAC, said: “Around the world, demand for seam-free garments is growing and many clothing producers are now actively seeking out alternatives to traditional textile manufacturing and finishing techniques. Increasingly, designers and manufacturers want to employ innovative joining methods such as textile-bonding, which are faster, less labour intensive and create a better overall finish – while also offering designers greater creative freedom. This trend is plain to see in the lingerie sector, where there has been a surge in the sale of under garments that have smooth seams and hems, are incredibly comfortable to wear, and which are invisible under clothing. Offering greater elastic resilience than other materials available to hot-melt adhesive film producers, Irogran A 60E 4902 TPU is an important product for the global undergarment industry and we look forward to discussing its merits with lingerie buyers and decision makers attending SIUF.”

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