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10. May 2017

Exceptional dynamic properties with low free TDI content

Era Polymers now offers a new range of low free TDI prepolymer grades, the Erapol XLE (polyether) and the Erapol XLS (polyester) series. Both series have a very low free TDI content of less than 0.1 %, a low viscosity and long pot life which makes for greater flexibility and ease of processing.

The XLE product range are a new generation of liquid isocyanate terminated prepolymer based on 100 % PTMEG polyether polyol with the added benefit of extremely low free isocyanate. Erapol XLE is available in a range of hardnesses from Shore 90A, 93A, 95A, 75D).

The XLS product range are an isocyanate-terminated polyester based polyurethane prepolymer with an extremely low monomer content, formulated for use with MOCA curative. Available hardnesses are 85 Shore A, 90 Shore A, and 95 Shore A.

Both series are typically used for demanding dynamic applications such as high speed forklift truck tyres, rolls and gears, die pads and much more.



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