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09. August 2017

Siltech to highlight silicone surfactants at the 2017 CPI Conference

Siltech Corporation announced that it will promote its new Silstab 2450 and Silstab 2580 silicone surfactants for HFO LBA blown foams, that offer improved polyol-side stability for rigid foams, at the 2017 Polyurethanes Technical Conference of the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI).

Furthermore, for the MDI-side addition formulated with HFO GBA's, Siltech offers Silstab 2869 for open-cell foams and Silstab 2875 for closed cell foams. According to the company, both stabilisers improve MDI/HFO compatibility and long-term stability. For polyiso panels, the company has introduced the new Silstab 2935 and Silstab 2994, which are said to offer improved flowability, reduced sub-surface voiding, and improved lambda values.

In addition, the company announced the completion of its newly expanded polyurethane foam applications laboratory, equipped with a high pressure foam dispensing machine and foam testing equipment. According to the company, the new lab will support the continued development of its Silstab silicone surfactants, with an added focus on the flexible foam market, and will also improve the customer technical support for both rigid and flexible foam markets.

The laboratory is part of a larger expansion of Siltech's Mississauga site, where the company has added five 6,000 gal silicone surfactants reactors and one 6,000 gal glass lined reactor, as well as a 1,858 m2 (20,000 sq.ft.) warehouse. This increases the company's manufacturing capacity at the site by almost 50 %.


Siltech, a privately held company, is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and develops, manufactures, and markets a full line of organo-functional silicone compounds, including Silstab silicone surfactants for polyurethane foams. Siltech has direct coverage in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions.

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