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17. October 2017

PolyOne to highlight speciality polymers at Fakuma 2017

At Fakuma 2017, PolyOne is showcasing its recently acquired Comptek high temperature polymer formulations and concentrates portfolio for the first time in Europe. In addition, the company is highlighting creative applications its customers have developed with its speciality polymer formulations and services. Recently completed applications on display include a paint replacement project for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of appliances, and a consumer product for a leading global supermarket chain.

Proven solutions on display at PolyOne include:

  • OnFlex LO low VOC thermoplastic elastomers: Easily processed TPEs that help manufacturers meet strict vehicle interior air quality (VIAQ) standards
  • Therma-Tech thermally conductive materials: Engineered materials that are lighter than metal and are easier to form, but do not compromise conductivity
  • Gravi-Tech density modified polymers: Composite materials that provide the look, feel and sound of metal, but deliver the design freedom of a polymer
  • LubriOne wear resistant solutions: Inherently lubricated polymers that eliminate the need for added oils and greases between moving components


PolyOne at Fakuma 2017
Hall B5, stand 5316

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S.K. / COMPTEK schrieb am 2017-10-24 um 10:28 Uhr folgendes

COMPTEK and PolyOne at FAKUMA 2017

COMPTEK Germany was very happy to show his HT polymer materials addressed to High End applications on PolyOne booth at Fakuma. Also on P1 booth: Fluorocarbon compounds for automotive fuel liners, Precoloured HT-resins for interieur aircraft parts in Aircrafts, Medical and Dental applications and more.