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27. November 2017

Perstorp introduces portfolio of renewable polyols

Perstorp has announced a portfolio of renewable alternatives to the polyols Pentaerythritol (Penta), Trimethylolpropane (TMP), and Neopentyl glycol (Neo). The new product portfolio was globally launched at China Coat 2017.

According to the company, the launch is a response to the fast growing global need for more sustainable coatings, resins and synthetic lubricants. Perstorp said it is the only chemical company in the world to offer all three essential polyols Penta, TMP and Neo in both traditional and renewable forms.

Renewable Penta, known as Voxtar, was launched by the company in 2010. According to the manufacturer, the product can reduce carbon footprint by up to 80 % compared to fossil alternatives. The addition of two new products: Evyron (partly renewable TMP) and Neeture (partly renewable Neo) will give its customers a market advantage in creating pro-environmental low carbon footprint products, said Perstorp.

The two new polyols complete the portfolio of the three essential polyols in renewable options. The new portfolio is based on a certified mass balance concept. Mass balance is about mixing fossil and renewable in the same existing systems but keeping track of their quantities and allocating them to specific products. This ensures that the quality and performance of the molecules are exactly the same giving customers a real go-pro-environmental choice, said the company. The new polyols are all ISCC certified, which among other things ensures a traceability of the bio-based raw material back to its country of origin. Sales of the pro-environment polyols will start 1 January 2018.

Anna Berggren, Global Market Segment Manager for Resins at Perstorp commented: “The time is right to add two new renewable polyols. The market demand for bio-based material is rapidly increasing due to a strong focus on sustainable chemistry and renewable raw materials. We are committed to our environmental responsibility as well as to helping our customers in their sustainable development. We are dedicated to our pro-environment products, giving prioritized supply for pro-environmental partners at all times.”

Jan Secher, CEO of Perstorp, said: “This launch is a great achievement and I’m very proud of the engagement from our employees. It’s clear that we are looking to make a difference. Sustainability is in the core of everything we do which also makes it a perfect strategic fit.” Perstorp said its new portfolio is an example of how the company intends to work towards its 2030 ambition to become Finite Material Neutral. “It is a tough ambition but we have to do it. There is no plan B, because we only have one planet,” Secher continued.

Perstorp said it is currently devoting 80 % of its R&D resources to finding new sustainable solutions and in addition, all its Swedish plants will switch to using only renewable electricity in 2018. “With the new pro-environment products we are launching at China Coat, we are reaffirming that we believe our molecules can change things for the better”, Secher concluded.


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